Why Collect the Disney Frozen “Let It Go” Elsa The Snow Queen Figurine?



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“Frozen” is worldwide the highest-grossing animated film of all time and certainly one of the most talked-about. The story, the songs, and the animation have captured the attention of people from all cultures. It’s a rare phenomenon, punctuated most memorably by the song “Let It Go” and the character Queen Elsa.

To commemorate this, the Hamilton Collection presents a handcrafted Disney Frozen “Let It Go” Elsa The Snow Queen Figurine, worth adding to any collection. It’s a beautiful figure that captures the stunning visual spectacle of the movie and the character and also the emotional impact of that pivotal scene. The figure is enhanced with Swarovski crystals and crystalline snowflakes so that she shimmers and radiates light around herself.

Not only is the figure beautiful and the cultural phenomenon of the movie unmatched, but the emotional catharsis the “Let It Go” scene represents is meaningful to people. What is it about Elsa? Little girls all over the world prefer her to the heroine of the movie, Anna. True, it is partly her sparkly dress and stunning looks. But they also love the song “Let it Go,” sensing the power and emotional importance. Long after little girls stop singing–or trying to sing–the tune every chance they get, when people return to the movie to try and remember what the fuss was all about, the look on Elsa’s face, captured exactly in the figurine, will resonate.

The character Elsa has spent most of her life trying not to be herself. Despite the fact that her powers are beautiful, unique, and captivating, her will is ruled by the potential danger of them. It’s hard to imagine any tender, carefree moments in her life, where she felt the warmth and generosity of love. So she is left to feel trapped, isolated, unloved, and helpless — most of the worst feelings we experience as humans and the seeds of depression and anger.

In the figurine, the artists have captured the exhilaration of a burden suddenly lifted. It is a uniquely human moment that people around the world can relate to, equating it with their own feelings of letting go of previously held ideals, of the pain of broken relationships, of crippling self-doubt. The figurine celebrates the embracing of self as worthy of experiencing life and love without fear. This is something we can all celebrate.


  1. Marilyn Nawara says

    My granddaughter absolutely loves this movie — your review has convinced me to buy this figurine for her birthday.

  2. Birdiebee says

    This is such a beautiful piece. My three youngest granddaughters would love to have this in their bedrooms as they are fans of Elsa.

  3. Ronald O. says

    Our granddaughter loves Frozen (and so do we), and she would love this figurine I know! Thanks for sharing the article…Christmas is around the corner…soooo… 🙂

  4. says

    Hi Andrew, there is indeed. I am as well fascinated of the things I have read concerning Walt Disney’s personalty and working style. As it seems he did not make the mistake most of us make and limit his imagination but rather trusted in finding a way to make his ideas come true.

    Have a wonderful day. 🙂
    Brigitte Kobi recently posted..4 Things To Learn From An ArchitectMy Profile

  5. says

    I love almost everything about Walt Disney. And I am not surprised that Elsa made it to the top. She is as beautiful as Cinderella, but wiser and more clever. Ah, I forgot that she is gutsy. As it seems even her faults (does she have any at all?) are flawless. Who does not want to be like this.

    Have a great day
    Brigitte Kobi recently posted..4 Things To Learn From An ArchitectMy Profile

  6. vickie couturier says

    my granddaughters and one of my grandsons would love to have this too,,my grandson turned 9 back in June and that’s what he asked for was the Frozen Movie,,he was so happy I got it for him and then began to sing all thru the movie,,it was so precious,,his 6 yr old brother said oh no Mamaw what have you done??? he wont ever stop singing now! lol,,,I loved seeing the look of surprise on his face,,and the singing was nice too

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