D’oh! I Review the 16th Simpsons Season on Blu-ray!

Simpsons Donut
Yes, this head-sized donut is as good as it looks! At Universal Studios in L.A.

I’ve been a Simpsons fan since the start. Not, not since the first season. Not since the first Simpsons Christmas Special. No, I’m talking old school. Like way back on the Tracy Ullman Show. I wasn’t a fan of the show, but I LOVED the Simpsons cartoon shorts on it, so I’d suffer through all those bad skits just to see Homer’s latest zany antics.

My favorite character on the Simpsons? The answer is yes. Sorry but there are just soooo many characters that crack me up that it really is the entire ensemble cast that I love. Sure, Homer and Bart are classic. But so are Bumble Bee Man, Krusty, Sideshow Bob, Ralph, Comic Book Guy, Troy McClure (R.I.P.), Apu… you get the picture.

So when I was sent a review copy of The Simpsons: The Sixteenth Season, I couldn’t help myself from screaming, “Glayvin!”

Professor Frink Simpsons action figure

Yep, there’s my old pal Professor Frink on the cover being his classic nerdy self. When I popped the disc in, I sat with the kids for a few minutes just watching and laughing at the menu screen alone. Professor Frink’s in his lab performing a number of (failing as usual) experiments as he babbles incoherently.

Professor Frink Simpsons Season 16 DVD

This set kicks off with the 15th Treehouse of Horror and as usual, it doesn’t fail to deliver. Professor Frink headlines the 3rd Treehouse tale as he invents a shrinking ray in this hilarious spoof of the classic Fantastic Voyage story. The collection features 20 more episodes from Season 16 that are a mix of hilarious, funny, semi-funny, and slightly funny.

I’ll admit that I’m a tough crowd. I find it really hard for The Simpsons to top the first five (Heck, I’ll even go up to 10 if I have to) seasons. The more recent episodes seem a bit too forced to me, where the entire episode seems centered on delivering one big punchline. I pretty much gave up watching the show religiously back in the 12th or 13th season, catching random episodes here and there since. So for the most part, I’m watching the Sixteenth Season cold.

As I expected, there were some great episodes, some good episodes, and a few duds. Well, even the duds kept me entertained I guess. I can enjoy the story without laughing my butt off like I used to do. And I still love how so many different characters are constantly being rotated in and out of the main and back storylines.

In “All’s Fair in Oven War” Marge competes in a not-so-friendly bake off. I’m still laughing at the Ralph Wiggums moment where he gives his dad a Grilled Crayon sandwich. Ryan keeps re-enacting that part too. There’s also more celebrity guest voices this round including James CAan, Kim Cattrall, Eric Idle, Michelle Kwan, LeBron James, Tom Brady, Lucy Liu, Wareen Sapp, Gary Busey and more.

Professor Frink Homer The Simpsons figures

I absolutely love the insert that comes with the DVD. Instead of a basic one-sheet listing the episodes, the Blu-ray edition features a mini booklet entitled What’s Science? Done for Me Lately by Professor John Frink. Done up in a highly glossy paper, this booklet runs down every episode and treats it like a real science book full of diagrams, icons and the coolest DNA double-helix illustration you’ll ever see.

If you’re a longtime Simpons fan, you’ll definitely enjoy The Simpsons: The Sixteenth Season. If you’re a casual watcher or old-time fan like me, I’d recommend giving it a shot. The amount of detail and hilarity put into the DVD packaging and menu screens alone are worth the price of admisson on this one. And you’re guaranteed to find at least a few episodes in here that you love, if not loads of them.


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25 thoughts on “D’oh! I Review the 16th Simpsons Season on Blu-ray!”

  1. My kids and I love the Simpsons!! We always laugh no matter what mood we are in when we sit down by the end of the show we are all laughing!!

  2. I used to watch The Simpsons back in the day, I remember watching it on the Tracy Ullman Show as well. I have to be honest, I have not seen the show in years, D’oh! It would be nice to watch it again, thank you for this review.

  3. I have always loved the Simpsons too . Although sad to say don’t get a chance to watch is as much as I used to or would like too

  4. Isn’t it cool that after all these years the Simpson are still up and running? I agree that they are not as funny as they used to be and some of them even get an ewww from me. I remember the Simpsons started from a small clip between skits on the Tracey Ullman show. Those were the days. My kids watch the Simpsons now. I only see glimpses every now and then, and its not as funny as it was years ago, but then people didnt seem to get offended by everything back then as they do today. Great review…. took me back a little and you always get a chuckle out of me 🙂
    Happy New Year.

  5. You didn’t like Tracy Ullman? What’s wrong with you? Watching too many Star Wars movies must have addled your brain. Go back to ST:TOS, and pray for forgiveness.

  6. that does look cute,Im not a big simpson fan,but my oldest son is,,he has watched it since he was a boy an he is 39 now,I usually find some little simpson something to put in his stocking

  7. Holy Moly! Look at the size of the donut! It’s unbelievable that the Simpsons have been around this long. I loved them as a kid. I adore that mini book, though, and think it’s so cute that it’s made to look old and worn.

  8. Apparently the shorts started coming out in 87, the year I was born. Funny to think that I’ve never known a world without the simpsons!

  9. That donut looks yummy, I can see Homer drooling already. Me and husband are huge Simpsons fan and I want to get this for him for xmas 🙂

  10. The Simpsons predates me, so I had no idea it started on a skit show. Thanks for the heads up! I’m sure the clips are on Youtube or similar. I definitely prefer earlier episodes, which means I won’t be purchasing the 16th season, but you do make it sound tempting with the add-ons.


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