Go Crazy With Gogo’s Crazy Bones

Adorable evil characters
Ryan’s one of those kids that just loves playing with action figures. Doesn’t matter if they’re Star Wars, Super Hero Squad, or Lego mini-figs. He just loves grabbing a bunch of guys and having them go on adventures and fight.  He’s even been known to grab my keychain (I’ve got a Mario figure on it) and start acting out a video game level with it.

Needless to say, his room is chock full of various types of little collectibles. One of his favorites recently are the wave of characters being sold in “blind boxes.” Based on the Japanese style of selling some toys, these are small collectible little items that come in a sealed package. You have no idea what figure you’re getting when you buy it. So yeah, you end up buying way more than you initially want, just to get that one character you’re dying for. He just loves opening them up and getting uber excited with each new character he “unlocks.” It’s like opening a birthday present.

Green and pink characters
Fun fact: That little green guy is called Mr. Peako and he’s the Gogo’s Principal. Everybody loves him.

One of the toys he’s gotten into recently is Gogo’s Crazy Bones. These are funky little plastic characters in all sorts of bright colors, poses, shapes, and even attitudes. There are a bunch of games you can play with your Crazy Bones similar to marbles or Jacks or even bowling. Ryan’s tried a few of these (bowling is always fun), but generally just likes playing with the different characters.

Figures also include stickers and the Gogo’s website has all sorts of games and free downloads to play. Currently, you can also get a Six Flags coupon with the purchase of any Crazy Bones Series 1 for a free child ticket with the purchase of an adult ticket, or $10 off a general ticket. The coupon’s good through September 30, 2012.

If you like Gogo’s Crazy Bones, you may want to check out a new product line from the same company that distributes them, JDNA: Grab A Scab. At first glance, these just look like cute colorful stickers. And essentially that’s what they are. Except they’re really permanent, stick-on fabric patches. You can use them to cover holes in your jeans, to decorate your water bottle, or give your backpack some flair. They’re real durable and machine washable. No ironing or sewing necessary (two things that are super rare in my house).

Adorable bunny permanent sticker patch
I can’t wait to rip a hole in my jeans so I can give this cute little bunny a home!

Just like the Crazy Bones, the characters on each patch all have different personalities. And yes, they live in Scabbee Land. Check out GrabaScab.com for all sorts of details.

JDNA's permanent fabric stickersI was actually happy to see that you can even get Allergy Scabs to let people know about threatening allergies your kids may have. My older son Jason has severe allergies to tree nuts and seeds and we’ve purchased similar stickers before. Except they’re just big yellow stickers. This is a more durable patch with a cute monster on it.  Definitely a bit cooler.

If you’re looking for something new, fun, colorful and just all-around-wacky, be sure to look into JDNA’s Gogo’s Crazy Bones and Grab-A-Scabs. Chances are, you haven’t seen anything quite like ’em.


I received samples of the featured products in exchange for my honest opinion. The thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own and in no way were influenced by the company providing the products.

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  1. Having a boy I know he will love the name grab a scab LOL! I have to also say I now want some GoGo Crazy Bones….for me….not my son….no laughing.

    • Yeah, how cool is the Grab a Scab name? They’re pretty cute looking too. As for Crazy Bones, I still just don’t get them, but they are cute looking and durable. You can toss those suckers all over the place.

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