Lego Daily Bugle Review – It’s Better Than Awesome

This post contains affiliate links. My Holy Grail of Legos has always been the Lego Star Wars Death Star. My amazingly loving and generous wife crossed that one off my list a few birthdays ago and it was absolutely worth the wait. Sure, I’ve done plenty of Marvel and Star Wars Legos since then and they’ve all been great. But nothing, nothing filled with me pure everything-is-awesomeness like that Death Star. Until now… Meet the …

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It’s About Time for Loki on Disney+

Loki on Disney+

He’s the God of Mischief. The Black Sheep of the Family. The Hulk’s plaything. His name is Loki and he’s coming to a Disney+ screen near you. Marvel Films continues its storytelling magic on the small screen, following up Wandavision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier with Loki, debuting on Disney+ this Wednesday. Picking up directly from his disappearing act in the past in Avengers: End Game (thanks to the clumsy fight that ironically …

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Disney’s Cruella Deserves Best in Show

Cruella Best in Show

What Wicked did for that witch from the west, Cruella achieves for Disney’s puppy-loathing villainess. Hitting theaters and Disney+ with Premier Access on Friday, May 28, Disney’s latest live-action film offers up the secret origin of 101 Dalmations’ baddest baddie. The Story of Cruella de Vil Set in 1970s London during the punk rock revolution, Cruella tells the story about the rebellious early days of Disney’s most notorious (and most fashionable) villainess, Cruella de Vil. …

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Avocado and Chicken Sushi Rolls

avocado chicken sushi

Sushi is easily one of my favorite food groups. While I love a straight-up salmon or tuna roll, the crazier the ingredients, the better. Dragon rolls. American Dream. Scorpion roll. I’ll try just about anything and have. Except, that is, for chicken sushi. No, I’m not suddenly craving raw chicken or starting a some new fad diet. But if you can put cooked shrimp in a maki roll (tempura shrimp rolls are just too amazing), …

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Beef Jerky Flower Bouquets Top My Valentine’s Day Gifts List

Beef Jerky Flowers

This post contains affiliate links. Flowers and chocolates, beware. Your days are numbered. No longer will these forever favorites top the Best Valentine’s Day gift lists. Instead, it’s time to meet the newest gift that says, “I love you” more than any other gift ever could. Or rather, it’s time to meat… Beef Jerky Flower Bouquets. Yes, these unique gifts are as delicious to the eye as they are to the stomach. I absolutely loved …

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