Score on Gameday with #ProgressoChili, Plus Win a $25 Gift Package


My wife is awesome. She does an amazing job taking care of our kids, taking care of the house, taking care of me, all while juggling a couple of part-time jobs. I have no clue how she coordinates it all and stays sane.

Oh, did I mention she makes the kids (and yes me too) lunch every day, and even gets up at the crack of dawn with me to make sure my protein smoothies are ready for me to take with me to the gym?

Like I said, Allie is awesome.

Even when she’s working late or off at a Meet the Teacher’s event at school, she makes sure I can navigate my way through dinner on my own.

The other day I came home from work to this note…


Jason and Ryan had already practiced their instruments and I gave Ryan his meds. So next up was sending Ryan to the shower while I made dinner for myself!

It was already about 7:15 pm and I was exhausted. But my extremely better half had me totally set up. No way I could fail this one.


Yep, it’s a double chili night! Allie had just picked up two of Progresso’s new easy-to-make chili meals! I couldn’t decide between Roasted Vegetable Chili with 3 Beans (totally vegetarian!) and Southwest Style White Chicken Chile with Beans. So I made both!


First up? The South West Style White Chicken!


Here’s how easy it is to make. You open up the bag and pour into a microwave safe bowl (or pot for the stove, but really, why would I choose that over the microwave?). Then you cook it for less than 5 whole minutes.

That gives you just enough time to gather up your additional toppings like cheese (mandatory!), hot sauce, jalapenos tortilla chips and whatever else you’d like!


The finished product! I have to admit, it came out pretty darn amazing looking. But when it comes to food, looks are only half the battle. Time for the taste test!


SCORE! Seriously this is good stuff! It’s the perfect quick meal for a week night, but it’s also something I plan on whipping up for a nice cold football-filled Sunday afternoon.  Definitely need to make it a #ProgressoGameDay!

But wait, there’s more! Yep, I also was dying to try the Roasted Vegetable flavor too!


I have to admit, I make a pretty mean vegetarian chili myself. I got the recipe from a friend in college. It’s purely vegetarian and tastes unreal. You’d actually think there’s ground beef in it but there’s not. Thing is, my veggie chili takes about 4-6 hours to cook. And then it’s always better tasting the next day.

So yeah, no way I’m eating dinner at 1 am! Time to open up some Progresso Chili!


Just as easy to make as the other flavor, I poured the Roasted Vegetable Chili into a bowl and prepped my garnishes!


While this one cooked, I prepped the cheese and also diced up some fresh green peppers! Mix in some hot sauce and we’re ready to go!


Another masterpiece if I say so myself. And how did this one taste?

#ProgressoChiliAwww, yeah. Tastes quite different from the Southwest Style Chicken but just as good! Definitely worth keeping a few of these around the house at all times for those weeknights when I need to quickly whip up a healthy and delicious dinner! Not to mention next time I have the guys over on a Sunday for some football!

New Progresso Roasted Vegetable Chili with 3 Beans is a meat-free option that includes tomatoes, carrots, roasted corn, red and green bell and poblano peppers and onions; and pinto, black and dark red kidney beans. The other two flavors available include Smokehouse Pork and Beef Chili with Beans and Southwest Style White Chicken Chili with Beans.

Progresso Chili and Stew are available nationally in the soup aisle and have a suggested retail price of $4.49 per 20-ounce chili pouch and 18-ounce stew pouch (2-2 ½ servings). For more information on the entire line of Progresso products, and new game day-ready recipes and serving ideas go to

And be sure to grab a $1 off coupon for Progresso products!


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158 thoughts on “Score on Gameday with #ProgressoChili, Plus Win a $25 Gift Package”

  1. My secret ingredient to put a twist on the meal is I like to put a little bit of vanilla extract in my chili. It gives it a sweet taste to it.

  2. OMG everything looks so good! I would love to try the cheddar bacon chicken tenders! I’m pinning all these Progresso recipes for future use, thanks for sharing them!

  3. So many recipes I’d love to try, but I think I will be trying the Chili Tachos first. I’m not sure I have a secret ingredient for chili, but I do include jalapenos for a bit of a kick.

  4. Chicken Stew Biscuit Cups sounds great, sprinkled with cheese. Course as you know I’m also a fan of White Chicken Chili so I might like to try that and toss in a few extra pieces of chicken.

  5. I would love to try the Easy Buffalo Chicken Chili Dip. It would be great for me to make on football days! Plus I love easy and buffalo chicken

  6. My favorite secret ingredient for chili recipes are sweet potatoes! They aren’t exactly “secret” when you eat them, but they add so much flavor and texture.

  7. Their recipe for Chili Tachos is definitely something my whole family would love! I good quick, easy weeknight dinner! Will have to try it!

  8. I am going to try the Vegetable Chili Mini Boats first….the kids will love them.
    Then it’s on to Chili Tachos and Buffalo Chicken Chili Dip. Yummy!

  9. I think the Easy Buffalo Chicken Chili Dip using Progresso Southwest style white chicken chili with beans sounds like it would be a hit at my house on game day.

  10. I would definitely make the Vegetable Chili Mini Boats, but add some more heat, perhaps an extra jalapeno. I would also garnish it with some avocado.

  11. Usually, I don’t even watch any football games, but I think I will after seeing these easy recipes. I was taken by the Chicken Stew Biscuit Cups, as they have that “comfort food” element!

  12. My old roommate used to make a chili dip for every football party we threw. It was layers of chili, cream cheese, and shredded cheddar and was AWESOME, but never vegetarian. I would totally try the veggie Progresso chili in that dip for my next tailgate!

  13. That looks good! I like their products but haven’t seen these pouches yet.I have been craving white chicken chili for a couple of weeks now that you mention it!


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