Puzzles, Legos and Puke, Oh My!

When you’re a parent, you soon realize that “planning is for the childless.” Sure you can try your best to be somewhere on time but chances are that someone’s sick, can’t find their shoes or really needs to go to the bathroom. It just comes with the territory.

Let’s take my Saturday for example. I did some work in the morning, gave the kids lunch and then sat down with them to work on a puzzle. I’ve always loved puzzles and I’m happy to see my kids getting into them too. Jason’s as crazy good with puzzles as I am. (Ask Allie or my mom. They both get so annoyed when I stare at the board, grab a piece and magically put it in. I can’t explain it. Chalk it up to my mutant power.)

Cupcakes Puzzle

I figured my kids were done with the easy 300 or even 500-piece puzzles. So we hit Barnes & Noble and bought a 1,000-piece cupcake puzzle. Tasty looking, no? It’s a real tough one, especially for the boys, but we’re finally making some progress.

Cupcake puzzle in progress

Allie came home from work and then Jason went over to a friend’s house for a playdate. So it was time for some “Daddy and Ryan bonding.” What’s Ryan want to do? Why, make a video of course. This time, he wanted to make a Lego stop-motion film though. We downloaded the free Lego Movie Maker App to give that a try. It’s actually really cool and I highly recommend it! (And no, that is not an affiliate link. I just love the app so want to share it with you guys.)

We only had one real issue with it where it didn’t save a big chunk of what we were filming, and that really knocked the wind out of Ryan’s sails. He did get back into it long enough to finish the short video. It was actually fun to do and as he gets more comfortable with it, I think I’ll work harder to build some sets and even put a script together.

Take a look at what we came up with:

If you liked it, be sure to check out all of his videos and you can even subscribe to his channel. (He’s Videowaxy87.) ย Yes, Ryan checks all of his YouTube stats probably hourly to see how many views and likes each video gets, as well as how many total subscribers he has. So if you could check out his channel, give some thumbs up and subscribe, I’d be your BFF.

We also played a bit of Disney Infinity, which was actually pretty darn cute. We hit the Pirates of the Caribbean stage and spent half the time shooting each other and apologizing, I think.

Once 4:30 hit, though, Allie, Ryan and I hopped in the car to go pick up Jason and head out to our favorite revolving sushi restaurant for dinner. We drove the long 4 minutes to his friends house and Allie ran in with Ryan, while I waited in the car. Three minutes later, Ryan came running out, holding Jason’s jacket.

“Here, daddy. Jason threw up.”

Okay, I was definitely not expecting that. I wasn’t sure why he had Jason’s coat but I put it in the car and then went into the house to see the damage. Thankfully most of it was cleaned up already. The story I got afterwards that Jason just wasn’t feeling well and as he was leaving and getting near the door, he just lost it.

Even worse, though, he put his hand over his mouth to stop it, which just forced… well, I hope you’re not eating as you read this… but it basically forced the pukeage to spew in all different directions, including on Ryan’s jacket and all over Allie too. Fun!

Yep, I’m sooo glad I stayed in the car.

Thankfully, it all happened on tile, not carpet. We got Jason home ย and ended up having a quiet night just watching some TV. Jason felt better and seems fine today. And that, was my Saturday.

How’s your weekend been?

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26 thoughts on “Puzzles, Legos and Puke, Oh My!”

  1. I have only a few puzzles I’d like to get more of the ones that is an image made of little images. I bet they are hard!!!^_^

  2. Ah gross! I thought it was bad when my three year old walks up to me and says, “Here mom, it’s a boogie.”. I’ll take the boogie over the puke! Hope your little guy is feeling better and it is not a bug going through your house.

  3. I love that puzzle, it looks yummy, and I hope Jason is feeling better. Great video, I think Ryan is very talented. Thanks for sharing….

  4. Aww, poor baby. My DD’s were sick last week and it wasn’t pretty, but they’re pretty little and just threw up wherever they were. I’m thankful for that now.

  5. I watch my grandchildren quite a bit and have dealt with many of their sick days. One of my grandaughter’s is alway getting sick so I decided to carry plastic bags in the vehicle. I make sure they are double-lined since many grocery store bags have holes in them and put several of them in the pocket in front of the seat behind the driver’s seat. Best idea I have done as when the kids think they are going to get sick (and they do), I have the bags ready for them. I learned this the hard way when I had to clean up after my granddaughter’s threw up in my brand new vehicle and it took me hours to clean it up and days to get the smell out of the car. Thanks for the reminder as I had meant to refill the bag supply and will do it tomorrow to wait for the next accident to happen.

  6. Oy, vey! Remind me a bit of my kid – she always seemed to get the urge to puke whenever we had a vacation planned. Or in a restaurant. Once we went to this little hole in the wall Chinese place, and she ate a lot of Egg Foo Young. Too much, I guess. Anyway, this was a real dump (yes, I introduced my child to fine dining at an early age) – mainly a takeout joint with 4 tables. The lady there charged extra for everything – 5 cents for a napkin, 10 cents for a plastic fork…cheap, cheap, cheap. Really pissed me off – I mean, I AM your customer, right? So Jill opens wide and pukes her meal all over the table. We gathered her up for a quick getaway, and the lady screams out, “What! You no clean vomit?”. I said, “Sorry, I don’t have enough change to buy more napkins.”

  7. The video was pretty cool. ๐Ÿ™‚ (I subscribed) Yeah, I was eating some (Ian’s gluten free) chicken nuggets w/ranch and buffalo wing sauce…eew LOL I was like, yeah, the one time I eat and read a blog …I should’ve known better. At least it happened before the sushi. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Do your kids like sushi?

  8. OMG…. I remember those days all too well. One time I bent down to my daughter’s level to see if she had a fever and when I did she threw up… right down the inside of my nightgown. I was so stunned, it took a minute before I could decide who to clean up first ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. My weekend has been great! I know how true your statement is bout planning with kids I don’t know how often we missed family functions because of earaches or vomiting or whatever else was going around!

  10. Ohhh thanks for the stop motion app, my girls are really into making videos right now too and have been wanting to try stop motion, I’ll have them follow your son’s channel as well ๐Ÿ™‚


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