It’s About Time the Lego Back to the Future DeLorean Arrived


The year is 2014. We don’t have flying cars. Or time machines. Or… sigh… even hoverboards. But we do have Back to the Future Legos. And that’s good enough for me! Allie and the boys got me a Lego Back to the Future set for my birthday last month and I finally got around to putting this sucker together. It was the perfect relaxing finish to a holiday weekend. I don’t need to go into …

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Everything is Awesome About The Lego Movie

The LEGO Movie Movie Trailers iTunes

I’d heard about The Lego Movie for a few months but hadn’t even seen my first trailer until a few weeks ago. It wasn’t that I was purposely avoiding it, but I just was swamped with work and kept forgetting to watch the trailers. I’m actually glad, because it meant I went into the theater with next to no knowledge of what the film was about. I love just about all of the Lego video …

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D’oh! Lego Invades Springfield to Make Homer a True Blockhead!

It’s no secret that the ultimate gift anyone can get me is the Lego Star Wars Death Star. It’s my #1 most-requested gift and even if I’m in my 90s in some old-age home somewhere down the line, I will own this thing before I die! But Lego apparently lives to make my life hell because they keep putting out cooler and cooler sets! First there was Batman (LOVE my Lego Batcave). Then there was …

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Puzzles, Legos and Puke, Oh My!

When you’re a parent, you soon realize that “planning is for the childless.” Sure you can try your best to be somewhere on time but chances are that someone’s sick, can’t find their shoes or really needs to go to the bathroom. It just comes with the territory. Let’s take my Saturday for example. I did some work in the morning, gave the kids lunch and then sat down with them to work on a …

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Make Mine (Marvel) Lego!

It’s no secret that I’m a huge geek comic book fan. And I’m also a ginormous Lego fan. Put those two great tastes together and I’m on cloud 9. Lego Avengers? Yeah, a dream come true. And now, well, just when I thought Lego couldn’t impress me anymore… they come out with Lego Marvel Super Heroes. I love just about all the Lego video games. The Star Wars ones are still probably the best, but …

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