Be My Co-Pilot for the SOLO: A Star Wars Story Red Carpet Experience

SOLO Red Carpet Star Wars

Last week I went solo at Hollywood. Well, technically I was with a group of 24 other bloggers, but we all entered a galaxy far far way (called Los Angeles) for the Red Carpet Premiere of SOLO: A Star Wars Story. I’ve only been on one other Red Carpet event previously (for Muppets: Most Wanted), so I wasn’t sure what to expect this time around. All I knew was this was the first Star Wars …

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I’m Walking the Red Carpet for SOLO: A Star Wars Story #HanSoloEvent

I have a good feeling about this. Then again, it’s hard not to have a good feeling about a special Disney Blogger Trip. Next week, myself and two dozen bloggers will be heading to a city far far away… Los Angeles, California for an action-packed adventure of a lifetime. Yep, I’m making the jump to lightspeed and walking the red carpet for the upcoming SOLO: A Star Wars Story! I still remember playing with my …

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Han Flies Into a Solo Star Wars Movie This Summer

Solo: A Star Wars Story

Star Wars fans are living the dream these days. Besides the main storyline that continues with Episodes VII – IX, there are a slew of new series to keep us drooling. I absolutely loved Rogue One. It was a great film all around, but the way it seamlessly fit right into the main storyline leading up to the original Star Wars movie was pure brilliance. Well, Lucasfilm is far from finished. You can expect a …

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Star Wars Night at Yankee Stadium Was a Total Geek Experience

Star Wars Night

When my wife asked me if I wanted to attend Star Wars Night at Yankee Stadium this past weekend, I think I had purchased tickets before she even checked our calendar. But thank The Force, we were free. Any Yankee game is fun for me to attend. What with the hot dogs. The Beer. The merchandise. The scoreboard. Oh yeah, and the game. But a Star Wars Night at a Yankee game? Awww, yeah! We got …

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Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi ‘Forces’ Its Way Into My Fanboy Heart

#TheLastJedi Star Wars

My favorite Star Wars film of all-time is still The Empire Strikes Back. There’s just something chilling about the middle part of a trilogy that ends on a sour note. The good guys win, kind of. But the bad guys get a victory of their own, and for that 9-year-old boy still inside of me, that ending still haunts me to this day. Plus the fact that AT-ATs are THE coolest vehicles ever and the …

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