Wordless Wednesday: Sheriff Hulk Trooper and Boba Dragonoid

Clone Trooper meets HulkStar Wars Meets Dragonoid

This is my first Wordless Wednesday and I”ve already apparently blown it. But I’ll keep this short and just say that my kids rarely play dress up. We watched Iron Man 2 the other night and afterwards they were so wound up, they started playing superhero. Then they went to their closet to play dress-up. And well, you can see the results. Clearly they get their fashion sense from their Old Man.

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  1. My guys love Iron Man too along with all the Marvel movies. And they do have a tendency to get a little keyed up after watching them ;).

    • Hi, Katy. Thanks for the comment! Funny, I remember as a kid I loved watching the Rocky movies with my dad. And every time one of them ended, I’d run over to my dad and start boxing with him. Guess it’s the same kind of thing.

    • Hiya, Brandy! Thanks for stopping by. Yeah, that’s pretty much what they did. Dressed up, strutted around and pretended to shoot each other.

    • Hey, TerriAnn! Thanks for the comment. And yeah, they’re prepared for anything except the ultimate enemy… bedtime!

  2. Love those poses and the combo of the different heroes! Also, I “almost” commented using my middle name… which is Ann, just to mess with you. lol!

    • Oh, geez. Is it really Ann? Hah. Thanks for sparing my sanity, Henrietta! And yeah, they love getting into superhero pose mode!

    • Hi, Anne. Geez, I may want to rename my blog to “Annes” since there’s so many of you here commenting! 🙂

      I wonder if this is how Reese’s first got started…

    • Hi, Anne! Hah. Well I do have my own Captain America shield handy, but yes, I feel extra safe. 🙂

    • Hey Annie. You haven’t seen Iron Man 2 yet??? Go watch it! Good stuff. 🙂 And yeah they always have fun with each other. Finally. Thanks for the comment!

    • Yeah, like most kids, they’re both a bunch of hams. Ryan’s usually a way bigger cheeseball, though. Thanks for stopping by, Liz!

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