I’m Elmo and I Know It

This weekend, Ryan was sniffing around YouTube and came across a parody of “I’m Sexy and  I know it.” For some reason, Ryan loves that song to begin with and is constantly walking around the house singing it. A few weeks ago, my wife overheard him talking to a friend of his on a playdate. […]

My BlogHer Business Cards

I’m so pumped! Next week is the big BlogHer 12 conference in Manhattan. It’s my first officia blogging conference, so I have no idea what to expect. I’m guessing it’ll be kind of like a comic book convention only with less costumes and better smells. I got myself some spiffy business cards for the occasion. […]

Waxing On, Waxing Off With Madame Tussaud

I’ve spent my entire life in New York. Not in the crazy crowded city of Manhattan itself, but in the suburbs. Close enough to visit, but far enough away to be considered living “upstate” from most Mannhattanites. So when we visit NYC, I don’t really consider us tourists. Except for last weekend. On Sunday, my […]

London Calling

After college, I did the proverbial backpacking-through-Europe trip with my roommate Dave. (We tried like to mad to get our other buddy Keith to join us, but he came up with every lame excuse in the book, despite leading us on all year. And no, we’re not bitter or anything.) I loved it. It was […]

Go Crazy With Gogo’s Crazy Bones

Ryan’s one of those kids that just loves playing with action figures. Doesn’t matter if they’re Star Wars, Super Hero Squad, or Lego mini-figs. He just loves grabbing a bunch of guys and having them go on adventures and fight.  He’s even been known to grab my keychain (I’ve got a Mario figure on it) […]

I’m Not a Handyman, I Just Break Things

Bob the Builder’s got nothing on me. Neither does his Spanish-speaking cousin Handy Manny. Tim the Toolman Taylor? Even his ridiculous, accident-causing projects squash my abilities. In other words, I suck at fixing things. Actually, that’s not true. I’m pretty decent with electronics. Got a DVD player that needs hooking up? Even printers and wireless […]

Charting Beer, Heavy Metal, and Super Powers

I’m in love. I’m a mega pop-culture geek, who also happens to love a good infographic or chart. Well, just like a Reese’s Monkey and a cup of peanuts, someone managed to mix two great tastes that taste great together. Pop Chart Lab is just full of pure awesomeness. Ridiculous? Perhaps. Super geeky? Most definitely. […]

10 Things My Wife Forbids Me to Do

When you’re a kid life is just sooo unfair, right? You can’t eat dessert until you finish your veggies. You have a bedtime, then later on a curfew. You just can’t do anything you want! How many times did your younger self say, “I cannot wait until I’m an adult”? Yeah, every second of every […]