Our First Trip to Disney World – Part 1: Disney Hollywood Studios

Disney Hollywood Studios

Our Disney World vacation was officially underway. Up bright and early to catch the bus from All Star Sports hotel, we made it to Disney Hollywood Studios before the park even opened. I was already seriously impressed. No, not at the crazy cool awesomeness that is Disney, but at the fact that my wife Allison had managed to get all eight of us up, dressed and at the park so early. Getting me, Jason and …

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We Didn’t Win the Super Bowl, But We Still Vacationed in Disney World!

Disney World Magic Kingdom

Fourteen years. It took me 14 years to finally convince my wife to go to Disney World. Allie had gone when she was little, as had I. Epcot had just been built, in fact, the last time my parents took me and my sister on one looong road trip from New York to Orlando Florida. We still joke about all the “Stop at Pedro’s” billboards we saw along the way. My wife loves Disney, don’t get …

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Fun Things to Do on Your Vacation

Planning a vacation is a great experience for every person who is going to be a part of it. There are a wide variety of ways that you and your friends or family members can spend your time on your next vacation. The time you spend planning your vacation in advance will be worth it. You will be able to do some brainstorming to come up with fun ideas for activities that everyone can take …

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5 Things I Hate About Flying


I travel a fair amount for work each year. I’m regularly hopping on a plane from Newark, NJ to places like Scottsdale, Arizona. Seattle, Washington.  Orlando, Florida. Chicago, Illinois. Even out of the country to areas like Toronto or England. I enjoy flying. I’ve never been afraid of it and I actually enjoy the time it gives me to catch up on reading or even writing. For example, I’m currently writing this very blog post …

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Sweet! We visited the PEZ Factory in Connecticut!


While on our way back from a family wedding in New Haven, Connecticut, I convinced Allie to make a stop in the city of Orange. We had seen a billboard on I-95 for a PEZ Visitor Center and I was most definitely curious. Jason LOVES PEZ. With his nut and seed allergies, it’s tough finding sweets he likes but thankfully he’s very into sugary (not chocolatey) candy. And PEZ is near the top of his …

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