Save Swamp Thing From Extinction #SaveSwampThing

I was always a Marvel Zombie growing up. I would eat, breathe and sleep Captain America, Spider-Man, The Avengers, The X-Men and everyone else who fought for good in the Marvel U. My buddy Ethan was more of a DC Guy and was constantly trying to get me to give them a shot. But the books he mentioned sounded ludicrous. Animal Man. Booster Gold. Swamp Thing. Really? Swamp Thing? The muck-encrusted mockery of a man? …

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Warm Up With a Pint of King in the North Stout

King in the North

Winter is coming… and it’s quite delicious! Yes, Brewery Ommegang and HBO have joined forces to release the latest Game of Thrones-inspired brew: King in the North. You don’t need to be freezing your bits off up at The Wall to enjoy this one. But any beer that’s named after our hero Jon Snow has got be good! This barrel-aged imperial stout is now available at the Brewery Ommegang in Cooperstown, NY, as well as on …

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I Was Admitted to General Hospital for an Exclusive Set Visit

#GH55 #ABCTVEvent

Looking back to my childhood years, I remember coming home from school to find my mom and sister glued to the TV as the latest episode of ABC’s General Hospital aired. Who knew just a few decades later I’d be walking on the very sets that they were mesmerized by. Yep, I recently had a trip to the hospital while I was out on a #HanSoloEvent Blogger Trip in Los Angeles, California. No, not that …

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ABC’s Deception Casts a Magical Spell on Traditional Crime Dramas

ABC TV Deception

Some of my favorite childhood memories involve joining my dad in Manhattan for work. Every once in awhile he’d either have a day off or it’d be a weekend and the two of us would head into the Big Apple. I’d play with things on his desk (nothing like a good pair of scissors!) or the copy machine down the hall. But the best part of the day was easily the magic shop. I loved …

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Leave it to Netflix to Come Up with Birthdays On-Demand

Birthdays On-Demand #StreamTeam

I am so spoiled with Movies On-Demand these days, that I pretty much expect instant access to any movie or TV show ever made at any point. It’s just crazy convenient. But have you ever thought about Birthdays On-Demand? Yeah, as a parent, I can most definitely appreciate anything that will help make birthdays for my kids that much easier and more special for them. I remember birthday parties when I was a kid. I …

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