Cool Gear Truly Lives Up to Its Name

As a writer, the biggest point that was always hammered home to me was “show, don’t tell.” It means don’t just say something is funny, describe the act in a funny way. So when someone says something is funny, amazing, or just incredible, it’s always tough to just take them at their word.

And then I met Cool Gear.

One could argue that the “cool” in their name refers to keeping liquids cold, which it does. But it can also refer to the fact that all of the company’s mugs, cups, travel cups, etc., don’t just look cool, but they feel cool. And they do.

I was first introduced to Cool Gear by my blogging buddy Penelope, who showed me some of their products when we met at BlogHer this summer. I was impressed, so I contacted the fine folks over at Cool Gear to see if I could test some of their products out first hand.

I received a few items from Cool Gear to test out and I have to say I’m real impressed. I’m not one who normally goes talking about… well, cups and mugs, but these are seriously worth the effort. The super short review is that Cool Gear’s products are quite durable, attractive (fun even), and best of all, inexpensive.

Ryan shows off his orange skull-face cup.
Jason attempts to smile while sipping from his purple Cool Gear cup. Multi-tasking is hard.

My kids normally drink out of these plastic tumblers with build-in straws. Many are too small or break easily. Cool Gear’s are pretty large, colorful and definitely fun. I love their current line of Halloween products like these orange or purple skull cups my kids have.

My favorite though, is this insulated desktop coffee mug. It just has such a nice feel in your hand and it keeps your coffee or tea super hot for a long time. It’s also a nice big size, so I can stock up on the caffeine and save myself an extra trip to the coffee pot.

So simple, but the mug feels great in your hand and keeps your coffee crazy hot! Plus, it comes in a variety of colors.

The company’s product line is constantly expanding to include hydration bottles, travel mugs, food storage, kid products, chillers, water filtration, and more.

You can purchase many of the items directly online  from the Cool Gear Shop, or pick them up at tons of local stores such as Target, Walmart, Five Below, Safeway and more.

Visit Cool Gear for more information

14 thoughts on “Cool Gear Truly Lives Up to Its Name”

  1. i love these also. I do like this kind that you get a new straw each time for it then the one with the reusable straw. I hate cleaning them.

  2. These are great cups….how come I have never seen them in the stores? I will have to hunt them down this week!!!

  3. Love it. I love the shade of purple the cup is (admittedly, I’m a purple lover but this one stands out to me). And the coffee mug? If my outdoor security job is renewed again next month, I’ll be standing outside in Michigan winters for about 30 minutes at a time.

    I’ve bookmarked the page 🙂

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