The New Wonder Woman Joins the Hollywood Boys Club


It’s no secret that I’m a ginormous fan of the Marvel superhero movies. I’m just a “tad” bit excited about Avengers: Age of Ultron coming out in 2015. Yep, Marvel’s really hit on something that hopefully will continue for decades.

But what about over on the DC side of things?

I enjoyed Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy but it was pretty much completely self-contained and, well, obviously really dark. I didn’t hate Man of Steel like many of my fanboy friends did. Maybe I went in with low expectations or was just happy to finally have an interesting character in Superman. (Personally, I find him the most boring superhero ever.) I actually enjoyed the movie a lot when I first saw it.

So when Warner Bros. announced that they’re working on a Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie, I rolled my eyes. Then they cast Ben Affleck as Batman and I think my eyes fell out of their head. But hey, I won’t cast final judgement until I actually see the movie, right?

Well, they’ve also leaked a certain Amazonian Princess will be appearing in the film as well. Yeah, toss Wonder Woman into the mix.

Okay, I understand the why. Marvel has certainly set the bar high and with the uber-mega success of the Avengers film, they’ve proven that you CAN successfully do a team movie like this, as well as individual hero films. So DC wants its Justice League film asap.

The problem I have with that is they’re not following the script. The script of success. Marvel made a good Iron Man film. They made a good Captain America movie. Thor too. And then, only then, were they able to mix it all together. DC had a string of success with Batman, but they’ve been floundering with Superman. Man of Steel wasn’t a runaway success in terms of critics. And rather than build upon the character a bit more, or even continue the Batman story (Or reboot it?), they’re going for the brass ring in one shot with a Batman vs. Superman movie.

Could it be awesome? Absolutely! Could it blow big chunks? Sure, you betcha? I’m hoping it at least falls somewhere in the middle, if not way more on the awesome side. There should be some killer fights at the very least. And regardless of how good or bad the film is, it will generate mountains of money tall enough to make even Uncle Scrooge a bit jealous.

But this past weekend at San Diego Comic-Con, Warner Bros. finally revealed the very first pics of a costumed Wonder Woman. That’s Gal Godot as the Amazon Warrior there.


It’s definitely a far, far cry from the red, white and blue days of Lynda Carter. But you know what? I like it. Just as Captain America is a soldier first (people forget that and get confused when he uses a gun), Wonder Woman is a warrior first. I don’t really see why she should be wearing the red, white and blue anyways, though if it ties into the storyline and she changes into something similar, that’d be great for the icon.

But this outfit just screams “fighter” to me. If Batman vs. Superman turns into a 2-hour slugfest between Superman and Wonder Woman, I’ll plunk my $12 down right now! I’ll tell you one thing, I’m definitely intrigued to see what comes next!

What do you think of the new Wonder Woman?

9 thoughts on “The New Wonder Woman Joins the Hollywood Boys Club”

  1. See, this girl is beautiful but I have a slight problem with her in this role – when I think wonder women I think a tall woman that is full figured. I don’t really get that from her.

  2. From what I can see, they did a very good job in updating Wonder Woman’s outfit. But the real test is how the actress performs as the character in the film. Hopefully, they’ll give her enough screen time, and training to pull off some great fighting sequences.

  3. I have to disagree with all the Afflack hate. Its all about the writting when the dude is given good material he can bring the goods like he did in both movies he directed as well as Chasing Amy, Good Will Hunting and Hollywoodland. I am hoping Batflack is awesome and the movie is much better then Man of Steele.

    Oh and back on topic I think Gal is too small to be wonder woman, wonder woman should be physicaly imposing and she looks small.

  4. I’m very excited to see how Wonder Woman is portrayed in Batmanvs.Superman! About time they introduced a well known heroine into the super hollywood superhero lineup (I mean Black Widow, but like a front line hero)

  5. You are right. She is a warrior and she looks like a warrior. I think people are just upset that their ‘iconic’ image of Wonder Woman is going to be tarnished. I am excited to see her though. I love that Gal Godot was cast.


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