Move Over Star-Lord, Andrew’s Awesome Mix Tape Takes Center Stage #GoTGVol2

#GotGVol2 Awesome Mix

Music was always a big part of my childhood. Back in the Stone Ages, we played things called “audio cassettes” that we’d put in “tape players” to hear our songs. I know, I know. That sounds crazy. Even crazier? We couldn’t instantly play any song we wanted. We’d have to actually rewind or fast forward the tape to get to a specific song. Yes there’s definitely an advantage to the instant song access we have …

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Make Your Own Baby Groot Cupcakes and Celebrate Guardians of the Galaxy

Baby Groot Cupcakes

Marvel Studios can say so very much with so few words. Why, just three little words in fact can move even the stiffest of hearts. No, I’m not talking about, “I love you.” I’m referring to the tree-like alien Groot, who’s famous for his extremely limited vocabulary that consists almost entirely of, “I am Groot.” We just saw Guardians of the Galaxy 2 this weekend to celebrate my son’s 14th birthday and the movie was …

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I Have Found My New Favoritest Toy Ever And Its Name is Big Blastin’ Rocket Raccoon

Before even seeing Guardians of the Galaxy, I knew Rocket Raccoon was going to be a breakout star. After seeing the film (twice so far!), I have no doubt he will rule Hollywood in 2014. I expect an Oscar in Rocket’s future. Maybe a “Raccoon of the Year” cover on TIME Magazine. And I expect a few hundred little costumed Rocket Raccoons begging for candy at my door this Halloween. So when Hasbro (Thanks, Hasbro!!!) …

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Yes I’m Playing With Guardians of the Galaxy Legos, Thank You Very Much

If you’ve followed my blog for awhile, you pretty much know that I love me some Legos. From Star Wars to Avengers to Back to the Future, it’s all just so incredibly… well… AWESOME! When I heard they were making Guardians of the Galaxy Legos, my head nearly exploded. Don’t worry, it didn’t. My noggin’s still safe inside my funny-shaped skull. So when Lego told me they were sending me a Guardians set, I cranked up …

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Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige Talks Continuity, Winter Soldier and Chances of a Spider-Man Crossover #CaptainAmericaEvent

Kevin Feige Marvel Studios #CaptainAmericaEvent

Before Marvel Studios came along, fanboys and fangirls everywhere had to get their big Screen Hollywood Fix one film at a time. Sure, lots of mutants popped up in all the X-Men films, the Silver Surfer showed up in Fantastic Four 2, and Spider-Man fought a sinister set of baddies in his film trilogy. But the universes never crossed streams. Then along came Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige in 2007. Fans were soon exposed to …

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