How to Make Your Very Own Super Mario Bros. Piranha Plant Costume

Super Mario Bros. Piranha Plant Costume

 HOLD THE PIRANHA PLANTS! SPECIAL GUEST WRITER EDITION! Allie has written for Mommy’s Busy Go Ask Daddy before when she made the cutest and most deliciousest SpongeBob Krabby Patty Cupcakes. She did such a great job, that I knew I’d have to have her on here again. Besides baking the bestest cakes in the universe, she’s also insanely amazing at putting together Halloween costumes. Yeah, for someone with a science background, she’s really pretty darn …

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Let Them Eat Eyeballs or Rats Baked in Blood!

Halloween rats

I love Halloween. I love dressing up, decorating the house, carving the pumpkins, you name it. Years ago I used to help throw an annaul Halloween party with my comic book geeky friends and we’d go all out. We’re talking fake bodies strewn about the house. Games like “Bobbing for Stuff” in a vat of Green Ecto Kool-Aid. And even a room with a tarot card reader. And yes, the house even came with its …

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The Best Treat on Halloween – Browns Fan Dresses Up As Troy Polamalu

This past weekend before Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on the East Coast, we attended a Halloween Party at one of our friends’ house. (Thanks for an awesome time, Tracy and Doug!) Most people were in costumes and while the kids entertained themselves with Halloween Twister, us adults hung out stuffing our faces with amazing food (Tracy makes a killer guacamole!) and watching football. My buddy Eric had asked me for help with his costume. He apparently had …

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Happy Halloween from Minecraft’s Creeper

My son Jason is truly an expert at picking the most obscure characters around for Halloween. Sure, he’s had his fair share of  Thomas the Tank Engine type costumes but the last few years, my wife’s made his costumes. And that’s only because the characters he picks aren’t available to purchase. Case in point: He picked Yoshi (from Super Mario Bros.) a few years ago. Yes, everyone knows Yoshi nowadays and there are plenty of …

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Arm Yourself with Floss and a Toothbrush to Stop Zombie Mouth

When it comes to fighting tooth decay, the first thing that comes to mind for me are the Cavity Creeps. Any other kids from the ’80s remember them? They were big mud-like critters that were part of a fun teeth-brushing campaign from Crest. At least I think it was Crest. They’d just march and march, while repeatedly chanting,  “We make holes in teeth. We make holes in teeth.” It was a great commercial that stuck …

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