Win Disney’s McFarland USA Blu-ray Combo Pack (Ends 5/18)

McFarland USA

Earlier this year, I had the extreme pleasure of attending a spectacular Disney blogging event in L.A. that saw me interviewing Big Hero 6‘s cast, getting kissed by Once Upon A Time’s Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin), and hanging with Kevin Costner and the entire cast of McFarland USA. The whole trip was dubbed #McFarlandUSAEvent. To say […]

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies Giveaway (Ends 4/16)


Eggs! Eggs it is!!!! If those phrases don’t send shivers up your spine, then you weren’t obsessed with Bass and Rankin’s animated The Hobbit movie from 1977. I must have watched that cartoon a million zillion times as a kid. Such a great story, great animation and clearly an emotional one as I’m still totally freaked out […]

Enter the HOME Movie Giveaway Valued at $120 (Ends 4/9)


Talk about getting your message across. Yeah, so as luck would have it, I’m writing this post from my hotel room in London, England. I’m over here on business for a few weeks (more to come on that in future posts!). Yesterday, while walking the streets of London, I saw a bus pass with a huge […]

Win Night at the Museum 3 on Blu-ray/DVD (Ends 3/16)


Whenever I visit other cities, I enjoy seeing their museums. Unfortunately, I’m spoiled. I grew up near NYC, so I must have visited the American Museum of Natural History about six gajillion times as a kid. The ginormous blue whale hanging from the ceiling and those amazing dinosaur bones are pretty tough to beat. Plus, my wife […]

Win Penguins of Madagascar Blu-ray/DVD (Ends 3/11)

Penguins of Madagascar box art

Nothing says Easter quite like a penguin, am I right? I mean, penguins lay eggs. Easter’s all about eggs. Pretty much a no brainer. Okay, so I’m a little penguin crazy. Have been since I was a kid and first laid my eyes on Chilly Willy. (Why is he so chilly all the time?) I’ve just […]

Win Russell Madness Blu-ray/DVD (Ends 3/4 )


I love the Air Bud movies. Yes, they’re cheesy, ridiculous and so over-the-top (A dog playing basketball? Dogs with superpowers? Puppies in space?!?!), but they still manage to crack me up and keep the whole family entertained. The latest title in the Air Bud series may very well be the greatest thing ever. Russell Madness […]

Win LEGO Justice League vs Bizarro League Blu-ray (Ends 2/27)


It’s no secret that I’m not the biggest Superman fan. Sure I loved watching the Super-Friends as a kid and for some reason collected almost every issue of DC Comics Presents (which was a totally ludicrous Superman Team-Up book). I always thought Supes was just too big, too powerful and most of all… too boring. There […]

Win The Best of Me Blu-Ray/DVD (Ends 2/2/15)


Do you believe in second chances? That’s what the main characters of The Best of Me need to discover. If you missed this movie in theaters, not to worry. Now you can stock up on the Kleenex and watch this real tearjerker at home when it hits Blu-ray and DVD on February 3! Based on […]

Win a Netflix Subscription (Ends 1/26/15)


I’m a big fan of Netflix. My wife and I watch way more TV on it than we do with our regular cable. She’s addicted to How I Met Your Mother and I’m laughing my butt off with every episode of The League. There’s also plenty of great shows we watch together from Doctor Who […]