Holiday Gift Ideas that Don’t Stink for the Man in Your Life

Holiday Gift Guide

Halloween is officially over. So now it’s time to talk about something REALLY scary… There are only 53 shopping days left until Christmas!!! And for those of us celebrating Chanukah, there’s a few weeks less than that! Every year the holidays seem to sneak up faster and faster. You’d think a big fat white-bearded guy in a huge bright red suit would be loads easier to see coming. But nope, Santa and the whole Holiday …

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Spending the 4th of July in Colonial Williamsburg

Last week we took a mini vacation down to Williamsburg, Virginia. We went with Allie’s cousin Ivy (the same wacky group we vacationed in Niagara Falls with earlier this year) and had a blast at Busch Gardens, Water Country and Colonial Williamsburg. Despite the crazy traffic right outside Washington, D.C., (Seriously, can they do something about that? It’s worse than NYC and San Francisco combined!), we really enjoyed ourselves. The weather cooperated fairly well, though …

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I’ve Got Pac-Man Mug Fever

I haven’t had Pac-Man Fever since, geez, elementary school I guess. You kids today are probably way too young to remember Buckner and Garcia’s classic Pac-Man Fever tune. But it was driving us all crazy and we loved it! This year, for Father’s Day, Allie and the boys got me the coolest mug a boy guy could ever ask for. It’s a Pac-Man Heat-Change Mug. A what what now? It’s a Pac-Man mug, but it changes pictures …

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Even Darth Vader Deserves a Father’s Day Present


Yeah, so he may’ve spread fear and death throughout the galaxy, destroyed millions of lives and chopped off his own son’s hand, all in the name of tyranny. Bad guy? Most definitely. Bad father? Well, that depends upon what part in the Star Wars Saga you’re talking about. Darth Vader may start out bad and get badder, but in the end, he manages to overcome everything and make the ultimate sacrifice for his son. And …

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Happy Mother’s Day 2015

Moms. They’ve easily got the toughest job in the whole entire world. No vacations. No time off. Heck, they work 24/7… for life! And us kids wouldn’t even be half the people we are (well, biologically, I guess it is half, but you know what I mean), without your love, support and guidance. You moms sacrifice so much and your payment is sometimes nothing more than a smile. Or a kiss. Or a big “everything is …

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